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Terms & Conditions



  • All users must be registered to bid on vehicles.  Photographic ID and a £50 fee will be required.
  • Only one buyer per registration.
  • Lisburn Auto Salvage reserves the right to refuse or terminate registration at any point.
  • Once the auction is complete, the highest bid is final.
  • Vehicle must be paid for in full and removed from our premises (or delivery arranged with Lisburn Auto Salvage) within 3 working days of the auction ending.
  • Vehicles left after 3 working days will be subject to £20 per day storage charge (plus VAT)
  • Any vehicles not removed from Lisburn Auto Salvage with 14 days of auction ending will be re-auctioned and the users account may be closed.
  • Commission of 2.5% plus Vat will be applied on all lots.
  • All prices are in sterling.
  • Card payment or cash will be accepted.
  • Euros or cheques will NOT be accepted.
  • Viewing of current auction vehicles can be arranged by appointment with our office.
  • It is it responsibility of the customer to check damage reports, mileage and condition of vehicle. Lisburn Auto Salvage will take no responsibility for misprints.
  • Miles stated will be the miles displayed on the vehicle at point of sale.
  • Damage description is to be used as a guide only, Lisburn Auto Salvage will not be responsible for any damage not listed.
  • The year of the vehicle will be that stated on the V5 or provided by the DVA. Lisburn Auto Salvage will not be responsible for any mistakes made.
  • Vehicles will be listed as CAT C or CAT D as Lisburn Auto Salvage have been informed by the insurance company.  Lisburn Auto Salvage will not be responsible for any mistakes made in this.
  • Lisburn Auto Salvage recommends that the buyer HPI checks any vehicle prior to sale.
  • V5s will provide for CAT D vehicles by Lisburn Auto Salvage if available. Not all V5s will be available, this will be outlined in the description of each vehicle.  Occasionally Lisburn Auto Salvage will receive V5s after the auction, they will be forwarded to the buyer.
  • Keys will be available as stated.  Occasionally spare keys might be received after the auction.  These will be forwarded after the auction.
  • Lisburn Auto Salvage cannot guarantee V5s or keys will be received after the auction, unless stated in the vehicle description.
  • Vehicles for sale may have been previously involved in insurance claims, this may not be stated by Lisburn Auto Salvage and it is up to the buyer to check all relevant information before purchasing.
  • Starts and driving description will be correct at point of auction starting.